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It is important that all of the participants at the Club do the following:

1. GATE ETIQUETTE: Lock the gate when you enter and leave. We still have nonmembers using the Club. This seems to be happening on the weekends more than other days. The nonmembers do not care about the rules or gun safety.
2. RED FLAG: The red flag that is flying is to be left untouched by the members. The flag is meant to show that the range is ready to be used. Taking the flag down means that the range is closed. Do Not touch the red flag.
3. TARGET STANDS: Please staple your target to a piece of cardboard. Staple the cardboard, with your target attached, to the crossbars. At no time should you staple your target directly on the crossbars or on the posts, the same as with stapling your cardboard to the posts! This seems simple, but we have many who use the Club that do not follow the rules. We only have a few volunteers who can fix the range. It is not easy! You have to dig out the old post and dig new holes to replace it. This takes a lot of time. The club had to replace all of the posts at 200 yards this summer and already has had to change out one of the posts due to someone shooting the post off!

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